No wheat

We have started our ‘no wheat’ elimination month. While we were on ‘no milk’ last month I read Sanitarium had created gluten-free weet-bix. I was hoping it would be in the shop by the time we started our ‘no wheat’ month. All last week I kept an eye out and over the weekend discovered they had made it to the Far North. Having something familiar would be a good way to start the kids off.

This might be the toughest month in terms of thinking of what might have wheat, especially when we are away from the home. Our daughter has already had to miss out on participating in a few Creative Chef days at school due to the food having milk products. She has been quite happy to not eat them as she knows she is on the elimination diet and it will help figure our what her allergies are. We are so proud of the way she has been handling these changes, with only being five years old.

20140804-2 no wheat

This was my first attempt at making grain-free bread thanks to Against All Grain. It is moist and tastes nice toasted or as a sandwich.

20140804-3 no wheat

Our three year old son loves his almond butter sandwiches and banana. He could quite happily eat them for every meal. We were unsure how he would go with all the changes. He enjoyed his almond butter sandwich on grain-free bread and banana for lunch. Since we started no milk and wheat he has been tasting all the food that is put on his plate at every meal and tasting new flavours. Prior to this he would put up a fuss (we would just mention he might not like it but did need to taste it – often he chose not to eat his supper and knew there was no other food available until breakfast).

It is worth going through these changes for our family as we are already see good results coming out of it.


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