Creative Chef

It is our daughter’s turn to be the class Creative Chef. Throughout the year each student takes turns to make something to bring in and share with the class. The recipe they have chosen is written in the Creative Chef book with photos and the step-by-step process. At the end of the week they bring in their yummy food and stand up in front of the class to share how they made it. This is part of the Prep’s speaking and listening mark.

 This week is also the beginning of our ‘no wheat‘ month. After looking through some of the recipes I had pinned on Pinterest, our daughter decided she would like to make some paleo chocolate chip cookies to share with her class.

20140808-2 creative chef

With her chef’s hat and apron on, our daughter was ready to start cooking. I placed all the ingredients on the bench making it easier for her to see what she needed. Out came the kids tupperware baking set (so fun and colourful).

20140808-3 creative chef

Each ingredient was carefully measured, counting out loud to herself to make sure she put the correct amount in, especially as she was doubling the recipe.

20140808-4 creative chef

I think her favourite part was adding all the chocolate chips in!

20140808-5 creative chef

Balls were rolled in her small hands and gently pressed down to form the cookies. Once the cookies came out of the oven they gave the whole house a lovely coconut aroma.

Our daughter was a little nervous about speaking in front of her peers but was excited for them to taste what she had created as the class chef.