Paleo Cafe

My husband has been busting to visit the Paleo Cafe for a couple of weeks now. Once he discovered they make a bulletproof coffee he was super keen to try it out. In a bulletproof coffee, grass-fed butter or ghee replaces milk. He sipped it slowly in order to experience the full effect. He’s already planning the next visit to have it again.

20140705-1 paleo cafe

 We had already decided to visit the Paleo Cafe before we knew we needed to start an elimination diet. Saturday being the beginning of the ‘no milk’ month was the perfect opportunity to go. The cafe was constantly busy with a great vibe to the place (staff we’re helpful and friendly as were the customers). On the back wall was a large display of products and resources available. I had been reading about nut bags to make your own milk, and found one to purchase at the cafe.

20140705-3 paleo cafe

The kids enjoyed a chocolate banana smoothie (with almond and coconut milk), and banana pancakes with whipped coconut cream. My husband and I loved every mouthful of our breakfast. The paleo bread was tasty, leaving you wanting more. It was a wonderful family morning. Our daughter has decided she is now a paleo girl.


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